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Press Kit

Capital FM

In January 2023, Broghan was interviewed by Katy J on Capital Radio at Drive Time, where she discussed her experience opening for Lewis Capaldi the previous night at the OVO Hydro, along with bassist, Rhys Walker. 

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BBC Music Introducing 

in December, 2022, Broghan's music was played on the radio for the first time, with Ping Ping Ping being the first song of hers to reach airplay. Ping Ping Ping was played on BBC Introducing Scotland. 


Amazing Radio

Jim Gellatly's Amazing Radio has been a great support to Broghan over the past year, sharing all her songs across the UK and America. 


BBC The Edit

Broghan appeared on BBC's The Edit in January 2023, where she spoke with host David Farrell about her time at the Hydro.

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BBC Radio Scotland

On the 12th of January 2023, Broghan was interviewed on the radio for the first, live over the phone. BBC Radio Scotland also included Broghan's cover of 'At Last' before interviewing her as well as her song Ping Ping Ping.


Avondale Radio

In July, 2023, Broghan was interviewed by Avondale Radio live at ButeFest immediately after performing her set main stage. She was then asked to return in September to record an acoustic set and interview, ahead of her release Don't Whisper  


Go Radio

In October, 2023 Broghan was interviewed live on air by Go Radio's Crofty and Grado, to discuss the release of her new single, Don't Whisper. 


CamGlen Radio

In October, 2023, Broghan was also asked to perform a live set at Camglen Radio along with an interview. Broghan and her guitarist, Connor Frame played three songs, as well as discussed Broghan's career in the music industry so far.



Playlist curator, Vermedius, in Nashville, shared Don't Whisper to one of their playlists as well as write an article about Broghan on their music blog where they stated, "This super cute youngster has more soul than a cemetery... Her range is incredible, tone is perfect, and you'll be singing her melodies as you drift to sleep."


Vibe FM

Don't Whisper was aired on Vibe FM, in October with Chris Milligan. Chris commented on Broghan and the song saying, "She's very talented, she's got a really, really fantastic voice and this is a really, really lovely song."


Black Cat Radio

Don't Whisper was played by Black Cat Radio where host, Dave Thomas said,  "I really like that, Broghan, thank you so much for sending me that and I'm happy to play new stuff cause I think its fantastic. I'm so thrilled that new music like yours is coming out and that is really, really beautiful." Dave also said Don't Whisper reminded him of "a bond theme".


Press Kit Video 

See more of Broghan's EPK  by watching the video below...

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